ZMC Pharmacy

ZMC Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy founded by brothers and pharmacists, Jalal and Louis Zawaideh. Their vision in opening ZMC was to be different, much different from any pharmacy you have used before.


We fill them all. We are a full-scale pharmacy that can fill any prescriptions that the chain pharmacies are filling for you. Our pharmacists can answer your medication questions, handle your personal medication requests, and compound customized formulations that your doctor prescribes. Our pharmacists are available by phone, text, and email to answer any questions you have.


There are two simple ways to refill your prescription online.

  1. Refill form manually.
  2. Scan the QR code on your prescription bottle.

Custom Compounding

Before mass production by drug manufacturers, the ageless art of compounding was the standard in how medications were prepared. As each patient is unique, so too is their treatment. Physicians have been increasingly prescribing compounded medications to treat a variety of medical conditions, including menopause, andropause, and chronic pain. Compounding is also being used in several areas of veterinarian medicine. The pharmacists at ZMC still practice compounding and are able to formulate the exact regimen ordered by your prescriber.

The Front End

ZMC Pharmacy is Royal Oak’s modern apothecary. The superior products we stock will make you feel, look, and get better. Our ever growing and rare mix of medications, gifts, stationary, candles, skin-care, and accessories will make each visit to ZMC different than your last. Our unrivaled selection of products range from those that have been around for generations to today’s modern creations with the quality and extraordinary style that will inspire you for years.


ZMC is a participating pharmacy provider with all major health plans, including BCBS, Blue Care Network, Aetna, Catalyst Rx, Humana, Express Scripts, Medicaid, Cigna, HAP, MiDAP (Drug Assistance Program), McClaren, Molina, RXAmerica, Workman’s Comp, Non-Profit funded plans and several others. We participate in several 90 day supply programs including all Medicare Part D plans, various BCBS and BCN groups, and the MPSERS group through Catalyst Rx.

Transferring to ZMC Pharmacy

Transferring your refills from another pharmacy to ZMC is easy. Just call ZMC at 248.280.6401 with the information on your bottle or the name of your medication and the name of your old pharmacy and we will move everything to ZMC for you.